Roskilde Technical College (RTS) is located in the centre of the Zeeland region, less than 40 km from Copenhagen. In 2019, the RTS implemented 33 initial vocational training courses at the EQF level 4 and 5. The institute also develops specific courses and training for companies as part of continuing training.

Its main areas of intervention are: “Food, agriculture and hospitality” and “Technology, construction and transport”.

Roskilde Technical College employs 460 people and trains more than 12,000 learners per year. It is active in competitions such as Euroskills and Wordskills.

Roskilde Technical College has a significant experience in implementing Erasmus+ mobility actions. In addition, the institute was awarded the Erasmus+ mobility charter in 2016. Thus, more than 60 trainees take part each year in European mobility actions in countries such as Sweden, Portugal, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France and Iceland. The RTS is also involved in the implementation of long-term mobility ErasmusPro.

European mobility activity is based mainly on reciprocity between partners who have been collaborating for a long time. This activity is coordinated by the « Cooperation and Internationalisation Department ».

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Pernille Bjerre, coordinatrice Erasmus+
+45 30 173852