The IFAPME Liège-Huy-Verviers Centre (IFAPME LHV Centre) is a non-profit association founded in 1960.  Its board of directors is composed of representatives of employers’ federations from all over the province of Liège. It is the largest vocational training centre in the French Community of Belgium for the IFAPME network with more than 20,000 learners and more than 1,250 certified persons per year. The IFAPME LHV Centre offers a complete range of training courses in almost all professional sectors of the craft and small industry sectors. Its diploma courses cover more than 100 different occupations. Training is organised at four different levels: (1) apprenticeship, (2) entrepreneurship training, (3) continuing training and (4) training for business start-ups.

Over the years, the IFAPME LHV Centre has established numerous partnerships with local operators such as the Walloon Public Employment Agency (FOREM) and several skills centres (such as AUTOFORM, CONSTRUFORM and EPICURIS). The IFAPME Centre has also been involved in European Erasmus+ projects (mobility actions and strategic partnerships) since 1990.

Details of the training offered:

(1) Apprenticeship open to young people from the age of 15. Learners attend a day of general and vocational training at the training centre. The rest of the week (4 days), the apprentices work in company with their tutor. The apprenticeship usually lasts 3 years and gives trainees the right to receive an apprenticeship allowance. After successfully completing the training, the apprentices obtain a certificate of qualification officially approved by the Belgian Walloon Region (CFC/EQF level 4).

(2) Entrepreneurship training is only open to adults (over 18 years) who wish to obtain an additional degree or enter the profession. Each training lasts 2 or 3 years. These courses aim to acquire not only professional skills but also management skills (accounting, law, etc.). In addition to their courses, trainees have the opportunity to gain work experience in companies. After successfully completing the training, the trainees obtain a certificate of qualification officially approved by the Belgian Walloon Region (CFC/EQF level 5).

(3) Continuing training solutions are offered by the IFAPME LHV Centre to companies, self-employed and the liberal professions throughout their professional development. Company specific training sessions can also be offered by the team of training consultants of IFAPME LHV Centre.

(4) Business start-up training is designed to start your own business. In this context, the IFAPME LHV Centre offers courses and seminars on management, accounting and tax law, business plan design and digital communication.

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