La Rosaleda is an interprofessional training institute located in Malaga. It offers a full range of EQF level 3 and 4 qualifications in different areas: plumbing, painting, electricity, gastronomy, design or mechanics. The institute also offers training courses for audiences with specific needs in areas such as carpentry and floristry.

The institute trains approximately 2,000 young people per year. There are 160 teaching staff.

IES La Rosaleda has a lot of experience in European youth mobility but has none yet in mobilising the ECVET framework. Thus, the institute wanted to participate to the Easy ECVET project to understand this approach and integrate its results into future European mobility projects.

Indeed, European mobility is a strategic development axis of the institute, with its Cooperation and Internationalisation department created two years ago. The latter coordinates mobility activities and manages the teaching teams responsible for operationalizing training periods in other European countries.

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Salvador Jiménez Gil, coordinateur Erasmus+
+34 66 7765804