Easy ECVET : Learning Activity à Kokemäki

Easy ECVET : Learning Activity à Kokemäki

The 5 European partners of the Easy ECVET project met for 3 days of intense thinking in the framework of the 2nd Learning Activity of the project, gathering trainers and stakeholders of European mobility at Sataedu Training Centre of Kokemäki (Finland).

In a first part, 22 trainers and pedagogical experts from 5 different European countries (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France and Spain) worked on the finalisation of 8 Open Badges which will be used for the recognition of soft skills acquired during a European mobility experience. They also imagined the possibility to obtain a European mobility “meta-badge” if one succeeds to fulfil the 3 criteria of each of the 8 Open Badges.

In a second part, participants worked in 3 groups on the design of a procedure and tools used for learning outcomes recognition to be integrated to the learning agreement. The challenge was huge: make 5 different nationalities, which approaches are sometimes distant while being complementary, work together in order to produce common tools! These tools are yet to be finalised.

Now will soon begin a testing phase at the beginning of December 2022 in the partner countries. Open Badges as well as the tools and their procedure integrated to the learning agreement will have to face their concrete use and field realities. The relevance of testing them as sending organisation and as receiving organisation was highlighted, so partners agreed to receive apprentices from at least one partner organisation.

Next date: a transnational meeting in Malaga (Spain) on mid-March in order to make a progress review of the testing phase.



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